ILPA’s recommendation comment deadline isn’t a hard one

The industry body will work with stakeholders who need more time to formulate comments on its draft recommendations; four Carlyle funds fall out of carry.

ILPA recommendations: A week ago I wrote about the Institutional Limited Partners Association circulating draft recommendations for increased disclosure on subscription line use, for which they’re seeking comment. I spoke with ILPA’s Jen Choi yesterday, who is hard at work talking to market stakeholders about the draft, and the organization wants to stress that the draft recommendations are not final, and are subject to a “robust comment process” from market stakeholders including GPs, lenders, lawyers and their own members. While comments are officially due on May 8, the organization says it plans to work with stakeholders who need more time to formulate their input.

I’ll have more on the recommendations and what the market is talking about shortly.

Carlyle: Sister title Private Equity International’s Carmela Mendoza has the run-down on Carlyle’s Q1 results yesterday. The firm categorized roughly 30 percent of its $80.4 billion portfolio as highly impacted by the covid-19 pandemic, with four funds falling out of carry. Carmela delves into the salient details and provides some illustration of the key data.

Email prepared by Graham Bippart