December / January 2006 Issue

    Month: December
    Year: 2006

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    Scaling the K-1

    Private equity’s complexity can be a virtue to both GPs and LPs, but capturing the requisite detail on a year’s worth of acquisitions, realizations and other relevant events within the Schedule K-1 takes an effort stretching well beyond tax season. 

    Australia's capital gains coup

    As foreign private equity investors look at Australia with greater interest, the country’s new tax laws will provide welcome encouragement. 

    New dawn for the Dutch

    Oscar Kinders and Gijs Fibbe of PricewaterhouseCoopers examine the new Dutch tax regime and the opportunities for structuring private equity funds through the Netherlands. 

    Haven sweet haven

    Offshore vehicles are all the more commonplace these days in private equity, given the international flavor of both limited partners and investment targets. Here’s a look at the current state of the most favored locales, and a few jurisdictions vying for a face in the crowd. 

    Don't shelter me

    New legislation concerning tax exempt entities dealings with tax shelter transactions could have lingering effects on their ability to invest in private equity. Adele M. Karig and David H. Schnabel of the law firm Debevoise & Plimpton explore the implications of the reforms.

    Obstacle remover

    A leading German private equity lawyer has been drafted in to help create a level playing field for European private equity investments. 

    Savvy shoppers

    TSG Consumer Partners’ twenty years as a private equity firm speaks to the cumulative value of maintaining an industry focus for the long term. 

    FASB compliant

    An industry valuation body confirms that its guidelines mesh with new FASB fair value rules. 

    Paying the piper

    Among the certainties in private equity are taxes and paying your placement agent. But structuring your agent’s compensation in a tax-efficient manner won’t please every LP. 

    Minefield avoider

    As CDC continues to identify funds in ever far-reaching corners of the globe, a new recruit will be on hand to deal with unforeseen dangers 

    Tax torpor

    A number of key tax issues facing UK private equity firms appear to have been left unresolved in the run-up to the next Budget. 

    A Frank discussion

    The shift of power on Capitol Hill has left many alternative asset managers curious about the tone of regulatory oversight from the new Congress. 

    Risk business targets Europe

    An ex-Marsh veteran intends to carve a slice of the European PE insurance market for his new employer. 

    Political capital

    Private equity professionals donate on opposite sides of the political aisle. As the Democrats take control of Congress, private equity continues to have friends in the government.