Ice Ice EVCA

We’ve all enjoyed watching friends, family and old college acquaintances that we never liked much anyway douse themselves with cold water as part of the ALS ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. More importantly, it’s raised a lot of money for a good cause as a result.

But for pfm, it was particularly sweet to see private equity types getting involved. EU trade body the EVCA, accepted a challenge from its Canadian counterpart the CVCA (and posted the result on YouTube).

Set to an oddly haunting Western-inspired soundtrack, the clip shows the entire EVCA staff launching buckets of ice water over each other, with chief executive Dörte Höppner and public affairs director Michael Collins among the notables to get wet.

Höppner then lays down the gauntlet by nominating the US-focused PEGCC, UK-focused BVCA and LPs too via ILPA to follow suit.

At press time, there was no video evidence available of any of the three accepting the challenge. But we imagine that given the lengthy and heated LPA negotiations typically required for new funds these days, we can’t help thinking that there’s probably a few GPs out there that would love to watch ILPA get a good soaking.