November 2014 Issue

    Month: November
    Year: 2014

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    A tangled web

    Our review of fund manager websites shows that GPs are still struggling to get the balance right between transparency and over-disclosure.

    Not so boring after all

    Are infrastructure valuations as immune to volatility as they are assumed to be?

    Responding to Russia

    Now the EU and the US have tightened their sanctions against Russia, there’s even more danger of GPs getting into hot water.

    Lessons from Igor

    Recently pfm interviewed the SEC’s in-house private equity specialist Igor Rozenblit. For any GP still feeling nervous about disclosure shortcomings, or the new private fund inspections unit, his message is worth listening to.

    How AltExchange can catch fire

    If the alliance wants any real chance of becoming an industry-wide success, it needs to sever ties with eFront.

    Too much of a good thing

    GPs may have reached their limit on how much information they’re willing to share with investors.

    The new reality

    The industry may be at a turning point on fees and expenses. At any rate, expect compliance staff and legal counsel to beef up disclosures and more carefully document the cost allocation process, writes Pepper Hamilton funds partner Julia Corelli.

    Survey says: Size matters not?

    Analyzing the effects fund size may have on how GPs allocate fees and expenses results in some counterintuitive discoveries, write PEF Services’ Allen Greenberg and Mark Heil.

    The work before the work

    We challenge Blue Wolf Capital Partners CFO Joshua Cherry-Seto to explain what preliminary steps must be taken before the firm’s annual budget can be set.

    Finding the right fit

    Four senior industry professionals tell us what strategies have proven most helpful to them when assessing job seekers.

    What’s really going on with fees?

    As the SEC scrutinizes the industry over questionable fees and expenses, we set out to find what the true story is.

    Key women?

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    Creepy Carlyle

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