April 2017 Issue

    Month: April
    Year: 2017

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    Treading new ground

    The US is on the brink of fundamental tax changes, but the details remain sparse. Claire Wilson looks at their potential impact on private fund managers.

    Island paradise

    Singapore’s attractive tax regime, variety of structures and forward-looking regulator make it a top domicile for Asia-focused managers, write Clifford Chance’s Kai-Niklas Schneider and Daryl Liu

    Caught in the net

    Attempts to prevent ‘big fish’ from benefiting from tax avoidance schemes may trap private funds, too. Rebecca Akrofie discusses the top fund manager concerns.

    Keeping the faith

    Mary Jo White believes the SEC has had a positive impact on the private equity industry, and a new president is not going to change that, she tells Annabelle Ju.

    Coming of age

    The global financial crisis could have spelled the end for private equity, but the industry has come back fighting. Claire Wilson discusses how the industry has changed since 2010 with Riverside CEOs Béla Szigethy and Stewart Kohl.

    New kid on the block

    Two private equity funds have adopted blockchain so far this year. Claire Wilson finds out how the tech-shy industry can benefit from the cutting edge.

    Liberty in law

    John LeClaire, Mark Soundy and Michael Halford of Goodwin Procter discuss how the legal industry has changed since pfm was launched.

    Slow but steady wins the race?

    LPs and GPs aren’t leaping on ILPA’s standardized fee-reporting template, but its backers tell Annabelle Ju it’s far from a hare-brained scheme.

    Who’s got your back?

    Limited partners have expressed a growing preference for the third-party fund administration model, and general partners’ interest in outsourcing is growing faster than ever. What should private equity managers be requiring of their administrators?

    Money for nothing(1)

    The use of credit facilities to delay capital calls is now widespread. What is at risk?

    The big issues

    The big issues Claire 2017-04-01 Wilson There were smiles throughout the newsroom when Mary Jo White – outgoing chair of the US Securities and Exchange Commission – accepted pfm’s interview request. Since its launch in 2004, private funds management and its predecessors Private Equity Manager

    Money, money, money

    How does your pay packet compare with your peers? Research by sister title PERE and recruitment consultant Ferguson Partners lets you find out. By Jonathan Brasse

    Money for nothing

    The use of credit facilities to delay capital calls is now widespread. What is at risk?

    Steering the SEC

    The former deputy director of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s investment management division tells pfm about his experiences at the agency.