April 2019 issue

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    Year: 2019

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    Why ‘shadow banking’ in Europe does not need more rules

    Further regulation of non-bank lending is unnecessary, a new white paper argues. It’s time to look at the smaller picture within individual member states.

    What questions will investors ask in operational due diligence?

    Skadden counsel Greg Norman gives his views on the areas that investors should probe during operational due diligence.

    Avoiding conflicts in stapled deals

    Full disclosure and fairness opinions are the best ways to mitigate potential conflicts of interest in stapled deals.

    Secondaries: ‘Complex and conflict riddled,’ but not all bad

    Investors have valid concerns about secondaries processes; that does not mean you should not be considering one.

    Chicago treasurer: Private equity firms can be ‘arbiters of truth’

    A firm’s level of transparency will affect its portfolio, exits and ability to raise capital, treasurer Kurt Summers tells delegates at the PEI Responsible Investment Forum in New York.

    Carlyle’s D’Aniello: Strengthen your balance sheet now

    The co-founder and chairman emeritus of The Carlyle Group talks to PEI about performance, fundraising and how GPs should be preparing for a downturn.

    Should you be all in on AI?

    There are pros and cons when it comes to AI, but one thing is for sure: interest in machine technology continues to grow throughout the industry.

    The false economy of cybersecurity complacency

    Increased scrutiny has made cybersecurity more important than ever for fund managers, but vital steps to avoid disaster need not be costly or complex.

    Tackling next-generation compensation

    With most managers employing European waterfalls, the challenge has been to retain younger employees while getting investor buy-in.

    How to promote diversity at a private fund firm

    LPs are asking questions about diversity and inclusion within private fund firms. How can managers make sure they have the right answers?

    Carlyle’s Schwarzschild on 5 ways to get ahead

    Sarah Schwarzschild, partner and co-head of Metropolitan, Carlyle’s real estate multi-manager platform, has become a private real estate role model for her professional progression while growing a family. She shares thoughts on how she made it happen.

    Why hiring in PE is getting tougher

    The competition for hiring top talent in private equity is getting fiercer, and high salaries may no longer be enough to entice candidates.

    It’s clear borrowers still hold the balance of power

    Investors are not passive, but terms in the leveraged loan market are still weighted strongly against them.

    The Abraaj effect hits fund finance

    Banks are changing the way security notices are issued to LPs following the firm’s collapse.

    The Abraaj effect hits fund finance

    Banks are changing the way security notices are issued to LPs following the firm’s collapse.