May 2019

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    Year: 2019

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    GP-leds: How to navigate conflicts

    LPs can find the options are limited when a fund manager restructures the leftover assets in a fund nearing the end of its life.

    Inside ILPA’s upcoming guidance on GP-leds

    We recently caught up with the industry body’s chief executive, Steven Nelson, who gave us a sneak peek at its soon-to-be released GP-led secondaries best practices.

    Investors get serious about checking your work

    Another US public pension is mulling outside help as it seeks to eradicate mistakes made by general partners.

    Q&A: General Atlantic’s CIO on managing cyber-risk

    Casey Santos shares thoughts on cyber-risk trends and how AI could be used to prevent cyber attacks.

    Expense testing: A not-so-magic trick

    The process is simple, if time-consuming, and it could just save your private equity firm.

    Why you should follow TowerBrook and become a B Corp

    The private equity firm broke ground when it earned its B Corp accreditation: it looks like a very smart move.

    5 tips to recognize revenue and why valuations are unaffected by new rules

    Private equity valuations shouldn't feel a major impact from the new revenue recognition rules, writes PJ Patel, senior managing director and co-CEO of Valuation Research Corp. But valuation professionals should pay attention to certain accounting standards that are on the horizon.

    To text or not to text?

    Compliance issues around texting still exist in the private equity industry. How should firms handle this intricate topic and what should they expect in the future?

    Want to raise money from Europeans? It’s about to get harder

    Revisions to AIFMD are going to make reverse solicitation more difficult without a passport, writes lawyer Matija Repolusk.

    Hong Kong may tax carry as capital gain

    The jurisdiction is bucking the global trend toward treating carried interest as a fee rather than a capital gain.

    Q&A: Investec’s Tom Glover on the future of fund finance

    The firm's head of fund finance in New York discusses innovative ways GPs are seeking out financing.

    OCIE sharpens exam focus

    The increasing sophistication of the SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations may prove a mixed blessing, as exams take less time but prove more rigorous.

    When unicorns don’t fly

    In the wake of the Theranos scandal, some managers fret that if their own unicorns fail to meet expectations, investors may resort to litigation. It’s unlikely, but possible.

    WithumSmith+Brown: How to approach PE valuations

    Tom Angell, practice leader of WithumSmith+Brown’s Financial Services Group, outlines the AICPA’s new valuation guide and how managers can keep LPs and a vigilant SEC happy by mitigating financial reporting risk.