Our Research and Analytics team surveyed 112 senior executives for the second annual Private Funds Leaders Survey. We wanted to know how the people running the world’s leading alternative investment funds are approaching fundraising, ESG and value creation in an era of high inflation and political volatility. The respondents reflect the global nature of private markets. The majority are based in North America, but we received a good sample of responses from Europe and Asia, too.

Survey invitations were sent in February and March 2022 to the most appropriate professionals at the leading private fund management firms, including managing partners, CFOs and senior compliance and technology professionals. We asked respondents to fill out a questionnaire, the results of which were collated and analyzed by our research analysts.

The survey is entirely confidential.

While the emphasis is on private equity, firms managing private debt, private real estate and infrastructure funds have also been included. Many of the challenges facing private equity firms are just as relevant to managers of other closed-end alternative asset classes funds.