Service providers battle for PEM awards

Law firms, accountants, fund administration providers and others don't always get the recognition they deserve. Here is your chance to provide it.

Attention is often given to an exciting exit multiple or fund closing, but left unacknowledged are the tax experts who helped the portfolio company’s profitability by reducing its tax burden. Or the lawyers who help the fund manager find the right balance of fund terms to capture investor interest. Placement agents, accountants, valuation providers, fund administrators, recruiters and risk management service providers are all additional underappreciated support pillars at firms with strong grounding.

With that in mind PE Manager is pleased to announce our inaugural Service Provider Awards to recognise the third-party firms that have stood out from the crowd. 

There is a separate point to note in the unveiling of our awards: as the private equity industry has grown in size, so too have the sheer number of service providers that act as its supporting cast. With so much choice in today’s market for service providers, there is a clear benefit in firms sharing their client experiences in order to recognise those service providers who have gone above and beyond the competition. 

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The results for the awards’ 10 different global categories will be unveiled in January in PEM’s special 2012 yearbook issue, as well as on our website. It will also be shared with delegates at the 2013 Private Equity International CFOs and COOs Forum in New York. We hope to see you there.