CFO Insights Survey: What does the private funds landscape look like?

Covid-19 disrupted the entire private funds landscape as firms were forced to navigate through a stream of new trends and challenges. Fast forward 18 months and private funds are prioritizing factors such as ESG, cybersecurity, technology and outsourcing.

How are CFOs adjusting to this new landscape? Give your views on the state of the industry by participating in our private funds insights survey, where we quiz senior finance executives on the future of the sector and delve into how to tackle some of the rising complexities. The survey covers topics including ESG, technology, working from home and outsourcing. It should only take 10 minutes of your time and your submission is entirely confidential. We will not identify who answered our questions.

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The deadline for submission is September 3, 2021.

We would greatly appreciate your time and effort, as we count on broad participation to paint a more accurate picture of the industry. All participants will receive a free copy of the results.

We thank you in advance for your kind participation.