The case for private debt

PEI's forthcoming sister title, Private Debt Investor, chaired a roundtable hosted by ICG in London just over a month ago to discuss the burgeoning market for alternative debt financing providers.

Research by PEI published earlier this week showed that almost 200 private debt funds are in market at present, and are chasing $124 billion in commitments. Not a week goes by without a new private debt fund launching or participating in a debt financing round alongside, or sometimes in place of, traditional lenders.

The growth of this discrete asset class is such that we at PEI feel it deserves its own, dedicated publication. So early next year, we’ll be launching Private Debt Investor. We’ll be launching the publication’s website first, followed by a magazine shortly thereafter. We’ll bring the same insight, analysis and expert commentary you’ve come to expect from PE Manager.
We believe Private Debt Investor is relevant to all participants in a modern capital structure: from any equity investor requiring debt to make their deal work to anyone providing it; from banks, debt funds and advisors who work on deal structuring and fund formation, to the investors who are increasingly committing capital to this asset class directly. And we will of course track the progress of the aforementioned funds, and their peers, with great interest.

The roundtable, kindly hosted by ICG, threw up a host of interesting issues – from a return to pre-crisis principles in the banking community, to investors' increasing appetite for the sort of risk / return profile private debt funds offer.

To whet your appetite for the new publication, you can download the inaugural PDI roundtable by clicking HERE.

And to receive a free copy of Private Debt Investor's launch issue, please click HERE to leave your details.