As I note in the editor’s letter for the forthcoming May issue, the pandemic has shifted the spotlight from the ‘front office’ deal makers to the finance function. As it turns out, that’s also where there’s actually hiring going on, right now. Check out this excellent, short video catching up with headhunters Mary Gay Townsend from Norgay Partners and Simon Nixon of Carpenter Farraday, to get a sense of the hiring landscape in PE, right now.

Townsend notes that hires in the finance department are specifically not to replace people; they’re additive. Something tells me that that isn’t just because the crisis has caused an avalanche of work for finance function staff  – it has – but that it also plays into the narrative we’ve been reporting for some time: that the very roles of CFOs and much of their teams have changed over time to include not just the usual “back office” tasks, but larger strategic roles, as well.

Which reminds me: my April cover story on succession planning has a section devoted to hiring and retention in the finance department.

Are you hiring? I’d love to hear about your strategy and thoughts about hiring for finance in the current environment.

Email prepared by Graham Bippart