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A group of nine traders, led by Bob Howard, will join KKR in New York, setting the stage for the alternative investment giant to build a major hedge fund operation.
David Snow supposes he should respond to Philip Borel’s lame marathon challenge.
David Snow explains why Goldman’s huge principal investment area will remain safely in-house.
GPs will need to go further to raise funds, and in an environment characterised by lower fees
Yet another twist in the US carried interest tax drama makes carry even more legitimate.
The crafters of the AIFM have good intentions, but they must be shown that key proposals of this directive benefit no one and may create a Kafkaesque business environment, writes David Snow.
A new white paper jointly produced by PEI and BNY Mellon has found that the vast majority of LPs will hold steady or increase their allocations to private equity. But many have identified management fees as a term in need of better alignment.
Preferred terms and conditions put forward by the LP trade association are increasingly finding their ways into partnerships, especially terms for deal fees and governance.
Placement agent Alfred Villalobos is facing a civil suit, while the head of the pension’s alternatives programme has been placed on leave.
The newly unveiled PEI 300 ranks Goldman Sachs Principal Investment Area as the largest private equity direct investment programme in the world, just ahead of Carlyle and KKR. The 300 firms on the list have collectively raised less capital over the past five years than in previous years’ rankings.

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