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Given the mountains of additional paperwork the legislation requires, GPs would do well to begin their efforts now.
When it comes to the administration of the management company, GPs need to strike a balance between delegating to a service provider and setting up the internal framework to supervise the work.
Private Funds CFO's Management Company report, produced in partnership with Gen II Fund Services LLLC, shows that GPs should vet service providers with the same care and rigor as any full-time employee.
Cybersecurity padlock
GPs may appreciate the value of outsourcing, but they want service options that are integrated with their own operations as possible.
Recruiting and retention retains a systemic approach that offers creative ways to develop the next generation of star employees.
A tree's roots find their way through a maze in the rocky ground
Private markets have accepted that ESG isn’t a fad, but as the backlash against such initiatives persists, effective data management may provide a solution.
A closer look at the outsourcing boom finds a more complicated picture of GPs building out their operations with a mix of outside support, internal expertise and technology.
Our pick of the innovators who have helped craft the role into such strategic importance over the past two decades, and how it now stands as one of the key leadership positions at any firm.
From LLR Partners' Noah Becker to Genstar's Melissa Dickerson
From Monitor Clipper Partners' April Evans to Sandra Kim-Suk of Engine No. 1

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