Bigger, better

Bigger, better 2007-04-01 Staff Writer Good news?the magazine you now hold has gone through a number of substantial and cosmetic upgrades.<br /><br />Formerly known as <italic>Private Equity Manager</italic>, the new <italic>PEI Manager </italic>has, like the global privat

Good news?the magazine you now hold has gone through a number of substantial and cosmetic upgrades.

Formerly known as Private Equity Manager, the new PEI Manager has, like the global private equity industry itself, grown to better address an increasingly complex market.

PEI Manager is, now more than ever, essential reading for your job. Each month, PEI Manager will present a range of features that will keep you up to date on best business practices, strategic considerations and the regulatory environments in which your private equity firm operates.

PEI Manager is for?managers of every private equity firm around the world?large and small, in every country, with every investment strategy. It is also for those who provide professional services to these managers. Together, the readers of PEI Manager form the infrastructure through which private equity investment is executed.

The name change was effected to more clearly communicate to our market that this magazine is affiliated with Private Equity International, the global magazine of record for the private equity industry, and its parent company, PEI Media. Like a growing number of GPs, we take our brand seriously.

This month's issue of PEI Manager is devoted to technology in the private equity firm. As in future issues, you'll find herein features that will help you make decisions about how to structure your own firm. For example, starting on page 20 is an article about the growing community of chief information officers within private equity firms. These tech experts play so many roles in today's firm, from Blackberry wranglers to investor relations facilitators. As LPs demand better communications, expect to see the ranks of the private equity CIOs grow.

Enjoy the issue,

David Snow