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The firm has expanded its C-suite to include a chief operating officer with the appointment of former Star America co-COO Glenn Cummins.
Blue Wolf hires new COO; SEC examinations department comes out with its priorities for 2020
Cummins is the former co-COO, CFO and CCO of Star America Infrastructure Partners.
The alternative asset manager’s current CFO is retiring after 22 years with the firm.
NYPPEX CEO Laurence Allen, who is accused of a long-running fraud by the Office of the New York State Attorney General, says the case is the result of an LP's attempt to essentially greenmail him.
Our survey of CFOs shows that LPs are asking for more info; shortlists are up and voting is open for PEI's 2019 Awards; what to do about leavers (the good and the bad); and recap on Wiseman's BlackRock exit.
Update on NY attorney general’s case against NYPPEX chief; PFCFO Insights survey results; and a sponsored guest article on the complexities for private funds in the TCJA
The New York attorney-general's 229 paragraph lawsuit against NYPPEX chief Laurence Allen lays out what the AG says was a decade-long fraud.
Update on the case against NYPPEX chief Laurence Allen; the SEC doesn’t require encryption of central documents, but some advice if you do; investment advisor gets registration revoked; tech opportunities for CFOs
The lawyer hired to defend NYPPEX CEO Laurence Allen plans to try to get the New York attorney-general's plea for an injunction and a receiver for relevant assets thrown out.

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