Fundraising? Call the law firm first

A survey shows when GPs engage service providers and what they look for.

Young managers typically engage the law firms before other service providers, such as the placement agents of fund admins, when they are starting to raise a fund. So says a survey of emerging managers, conducted by sister publication Buyouts in partnership with Gen II Fund Services, that also touches on outsourcing and what GPs look for in a prospecitve partner.

Among the other findings of the survey were that young firms most frequently use co-investment rights to lure in investors, as well as offering fee breaks to bigger LPs.

If you want to hear directly from some CFOs’ mouths about what they look for in an outsourcer, we have Q&As with Blue Wolf Capital Partners’ Josh Cherry-Seto and Sandton Capital Partners’ Dimitri Korvyakov on the topic.

Email prepared by Toby Mitchenall