Helix’ Charles Cecil retires

Polymath and industry pioneer Lord Charles Cecil retired last month from Helix Associates, the firm he founded and sold to US investment bank Jefferies.

Lord Charles Cecil, the co-founder of placement agent Helix Associates, retired at the end of June.

Mark Cunningham, one of three managing directors in the UK, told PEO: “He had been doing it for a long period of time and had come to retirement age. He has a huge number of other interests, literary, political and financial and he wanted to spend more time with his wife.”

Cecil founded Helix alongside Ian Simpson and John Hess in 1993. Simpson retired last autumn and Hess left in 1998 to found Altius Associates, a gatekeeper and fund of private equity funds manager. Cecil is expected to work for one day a week at Altius.

Jefferies, a boutique US investment bank, acquired Helix in 2005. Mark Hallock had already taken over as senior managing director ahead of Cecil’s departure. Cunningham, Clive Norton and Rachel Wood are managing directors in the UK. The firm also has offices in New York and San Francisco.

Cecil, as senior managing partner, had been responsible for client and investor relations in France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.