How to survive a tech implementation

Insight from a tech provider on how to achieve a smooth process.

Moving onto a new tech platform is something that most CFOs will be familiar with. It is also the topic of our November cover story, when we will hear from finance chiefs about how they did it.

In the meantime we have some insight from tech provider AltaReturn. In this sponsored post, Kimberly Kale has some valuable tips for anyone embarking on a project:

1. Bring the users into the process early. “If that conversation doesn’t happen with the people that are actually going to be users of the system, then it can be very difficult for us.”

2. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the goals of the project at the outset. “A lot of times people go into these things and it’s not really clearly defined, ‘What are we trying to get out of it?’ At the end, everybody’s looking around and wondering, ‘Okay, are we finished?”

Elsewhere, we have an update to our cyber-risk advisor contact list, adding Agio and Silent Breach.

Email prepared by Toby Mitchenall.