How we conducted our CFO survey

Our Insights poll seeks to discover how the job of the CFO is changing and whether tech is reshaping the role.

PEI’s Research and Analytics team surveyed 124 US private fund CFOs in July and August 2019. We wanted to know how the role of chief financial officer is changing and whether technology is helping to reshape the job. We targeted CFOs but if they were unavailable, we asked for responses from other professionals, including CCOs, COOs and controllers, provided they were aware of their firm’s practices.

The survey is US-centered, and so we surveyed firms from every region across the country. The bulk of respondents have assets under management between $500 million and $5 billion.

How was the survey conducted?

Emails were sent to the most appropriate professionals at all the leading private fund management firms at the US. We asked respondents to fill out a short questionnaire, the results of which were collated and analysed by PEI’s team of research analysts.

What about confidentiality?

The survey is entirely confidential. No names of the individuals or the firms that responded are revealed.

Why alternatives and not just private equity?

The emphasis is on private equity but firms managing mezzanine debt, real estate and infrastructure funds have been included too. Many of the challenges facing private equity firms are just as relevant to managers of other closed-ended alternative asset classes funds too. The survey reflects the full perspective of the US private fund management community.