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As private equity becomes more mainstream, investors are calling for self-regulated standards for performance presentation. On your next investor questionnaire, how will you answer the question, “Are you GIPS compliant?” By Carol Kennedy
What are those on the frontline of European private equity saying about the state of fund administration and technology?
Limited partners love state-of-the-art fund administration systems, but what is there for GPs to love? Quite simply, the opportunity to appear competitive. By Colm Gilmore
A leading executive-search pro shares her insights into what motivates top executive talent to take the private equity leap. By Fran Minogue
A pending lawsuit in Ireland is a case study in potential liabilities for GPs who sit on boards. By Philip Borel
The traditional duties of corporate board members in the US have been reinterpreted in recent time to take on more urgent, proactive meanings. Whereas in the past, board members were held to ?hear no evil, see no evil? standards, recent scandals, legislation and court decisions have meant that outside directors must now take pains not only to respond to wrongdoing when it is detected, but to establish systems that will detect problems, as well as to spend more time engaged in actively scouring their companies for signs of trouble. Legal experts often organize the various duties of board members into ?duties.?
General partners who serve on corporate boards must carefully monitor their time, actions and communications in today's more dangerous regulatory environment. By David Snow, Editor
Israeli companies, which have always had a natural affinity with the US, are now setting their sights on the growth markets of the East. Tel Aviv-based Vertex Venture Capital is among those leading the charge into Asia. By Andy Thomson, Associate Editor
INDUSRTY FRONTLINE 2005-09-01 Staff Writer Marsh Europe names new head of private equityMarsh, the global risk and insurance services firm, has named Edwin Charnaud as its new European practice leader for private equity and M&A. Charnaud, who will be based in Marsh's Eur
The closing of a deal isn't always the end of the transaction process, as firms often have to contend with purchase price adjustment disputes and portfolio company integration issues. By Art Janik, Associate Editor

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