March 2015 Issue

    Month: March
    Year: 2015

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    Counting heads

    Finding a good finance-to-investment staff ratio is more of an art than a science, but tools like improved data, outsourcing and contracted employees are helping CFOs to keep their teams the right size.

    Calling all CFOs

    Coverage from the 12th annual PEI CFOs and COOs Forum 2015.

    Valued opinions

    INREV recently updated its guidelines on valuations for private equity real estate fund managers, which were last refreshed in 2008. The issue remains a thorny one for some.

    LPs on the SEC

    While there’s been much reporting on fund managers’ reactions to the SEC’s recent fee scrutiny, there’s been less talk about what investors think about the controversy. At least until now.

    Unclear and present danger

    There has been a surge in public records requests for private fund information from both the media and individuals. Are your records at risk?

    Tell-tale values

    Writing the valuation report can be a tough balancing act: provide investors with enough transparency but don’t overload them with too much information. We asked CFOs and investors where to find a happy medium.

    Product champions

    We challenge DPG COO Wes Anderson to explain how to get staff on board with new technology.

    Hackers at the gate

    The SEC recently provided the industry a benchmark on its cybersecurity readiness. GPs should use it; not to please regulators, but because it’s time to take the threat of digital attacks more seriously.

    Tantrum on the fundraising trail

    News and views too good not to share...

    Scammed through spam

    News and views too good not to share...

    Down the road ahead

    CFOs have a number of valuation-related developments to prepare for in the time ahead, not least of which is the troublesome possibility that LPs will begin demanding performance reports on a monthly basis.