Return to sender

When prepping your CV for that dream job, there are some areas you might expect to stand out – your “great ability to work with others”, the fact that you’re a trilingual Excel wizard, etc. But what if we told you that something as simple as contact information comes into play?

According to one private fund chief financial officer (CFO), a jobseeker’s email address is an indicator on how much of a cybersecurity risk they pose. “If I see an AOL account on a resume, it goes in the bin,” said the CFO in conversation with pfm.

The logic behind her anti-AOL policy is simple. Aside from the alarming possibility that the candidate might think it’s still 2002, having an old fashioned email account is a warning sign that the jobseeker is a tech novice, doesn’t keep pace with internet-related trends and might be more likely to fall prey to phishing scams. So jobseekers, take note, and swap “You’ve got mail” for “You’ve got an interview.”