Real estate managers plan more fund admin outsourcing

Real estate fund managers expect to increase outsourcing of fund adminstration in 2018-19, and see regulation as most likely to affect their business over the next three years.

Sister publication PERE and RBC carried out a survey of private equity real estate managers, asking them about data management, disruption, outsourcing and domiciles.

With regulation around the use of data tightening – think the recently implemened GDPR – it is not surprising that data management strategies, particularly regulatory data services and risk and analytical services, are considered at least moderately important by most survey respondents.

In response to these pressures, and perhaps giving an indication of a perceived skills gap in-house to handle these issues, 27 percent of respondents intend to increase their outsourcing of these activities in the coming months.

None of the respondents plan to decrease outsourcing of regulatory and legal services, and only 3 percent are planning to decrease outsourcing of data management services.


PERE surveyed the 75 largest private equity real estate managers. We received responses from 51 managers: 31 are headquartered in North America, 11 in Asia and nine in Europe. Answers were given on an anonymous basis and the results aggregated. Where respondents were asked to give three answers, the first answer was given three points, the second two points and the third one. An average was then taken of the total.