‘Team Meridiam’ limbers up for Marathon of Marathons

Thierry Deau is leading a team of runners from Paris-based fund manager Meridiam Infrastructure as part of a 250-strong line-up for the groundbreaking Athens event, which is aiming to raise €2.5m. Find out how you can help Meridiam in its efforts to improve the lives of children around the world.

When you’re regularly partnering with other firms as part of bidding consortia, teamwork is of course a vital attribute for infrastructure investors. At first glance, however, the rebranding of Meridiam Infrastructure as ‘Team Meridiam’ seems a little excessive. Until you learn that the new name is for a special purpose only – a very special purpose.

On October 31, Meridiam’s Thierry Deau (official trainer, captain and event patron), Olivier Garnier, John Dionisio, Jean-Francois Marco and Parviz Madjedi will join forces with Matthias Benz and Michael Winkler from Deutsche Bank under the ‘Team Meridiam’ banner to run the Marathon of Marathons – a historic run from Marathon to Athens being undertaken by 250 members of the private equity and infrastructure communities to raise €2.5 million to help children around the world (see www.marathonofmarathons.org). 

The charity effort – organised by Campbell Lutyens, PEI Media and UNICEF – is the largest of its kind ever undertaken, having already secured well over €1 million. Half the money raised raised will go to UNICEF to provide vital support to children affected by such tragedies as the earthquake in Haiti and flooding in Pakistan. The other half will be distributed to children’s charities focusing on specific individual initiatives.   

Team Meridiam is appealing for support at www.bmycharity.com/meridiam. “Please sponsor our efforts so that together we can try to make a difference to the lives of many children less fortunate than our own,” the team says in a statement. 

Meridiam also points out that the Marathon of Marathons of Trust, which will be the recipient of all money raised, is ensuring that deserved praise is given to all-important donors. After the Marathon, the Trust will publish a list in a number of print and online publications of the top 50 largest single donations (name of donor, not amount!). Please ensure you’re on the list.