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Rozenblit announced this week the launch of his firm, Iron Road Partners, to work with alternatives shops on preparing for regulatory examinations and investigations, among other things.
There is a growing trend of GPs finding ways to hold certain assets longer than allowed under traditional private equity fund structures.
The SEC under President Biden is expected to take a more aggressive role in regulating and punishing bad practices across corporate American, including private equity.
Sharing deficiency letters is one aspect of a bill introduced in 2019 called Investment Adviser Alignment Act that has been backed by major institutional investors.
Critics of private equity have long considered this a loophole that allows already-wealthy private equity GPs to pay less than regular workers.
Pardee formed Mercury along with partners Michael Ricciardi, Mercury’s chief executive, and Enrique Cuan in 2009 after spinning out of Merrill Lynch’s private fund placement group in 2009.
Perhaps most importantly, watch who takes leadership roles on the various legislative committees in Congress that impact private equity, as well as key positions in the administration.
Silver Lake’s multi-decade strategy is the latest example of private equity grappling with how to hold on to assets beyond the traditional 10 years.
Under a 'blue wave' scenario, progressive politicians like senator Elizabeth Warren would have more power to target aspects of the financial system they have consistently criticized, including private equity.
As GPs revel in the exuberance of a burgeoning investment trend, some limited partners have begun to question potential conflicts around private equity firms raising SPACs.

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