Deep dive into Whitehorse; Evercore’s Goodman peers into the future of GP interests

Insight into Whitehorse’s rise; interview with Evercore’s GP stakes king Saul Goodman; JP Morgan brings us an article on the demand for tech solutions; new data on commitment expectations for GPs and LPs.

Whitehorse: Secondaries Investor’s Adam Le brings us this fascinating read about one of the sector’s market leaders, Whitehorse Capital. Adam’s piece is a deep dive into the firm, its meteoric rise and one of its strategies: the acquisition of portfolios and selling off of the common equity piece. It’s a strategy some say is a stroke of “genius” (others, of course, question its riskiness). Very much worth a read.

GP interest king: In this interview with Evercore’s Saul Goodman, the legend of the GP interest market gives Private Equity International senior editor Toby Mitchenall insight on trends and developments in the sector, including how much more opportunity there is, when the buyer base might expand, whether he sees a future for secondary trading of interests, recurring questions GPs ask Evercore as an advisor on deals and other hot topics in the GP interests market.

Tech and scale: JP Morgan brings us this sponsored article on where they’re seeing demand for tech solutions, how developments there are changing PE firm operations, the progress firms are making on cyber-risk, forecasting analytics, risk reporting and more.

Less committed?: GPs should expect some downsized commitments from their investors, a new Pitchbook report details. According to the survey, 29 percent of LP respondents said they would suspend commitments over the coming six months, with 35 percent of GPs expecting their total capital deployment to fall by at least 10 percent.

Email prepared by Graham Bippart and Connor Hussey