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In advance of a new private equity law, German VCs have reasons to be cheerful while late-stage investors are feeling fearful.
As public interest grows, private equity is getting organized - witness the trend to highly focused advocacy. By Andy Thomson
Cost and capital 2006-11-01 Staff Writer It is often said that in private equity - and in any knowledgeintensive industry - the most important assets go down the elevator each night. This truism is often expressed in the context of a discussion about compensation. In other words, if you don't pay people enou
The deal would be the largest private transaction on record and also includes prime office buildings in Los Angeles, Washington DC and Denver.
You may not have heard of The John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company—but you probably know their real estate. By Aaron Lovell.
Who are the 30 most influential lawyers in global private equity? We asked the market. Here are the results.
London-based COO Paul Cunningham of Barclays Private Equity believes consolidated accounting is something the European private equity industry could do without. Here, he explains why - as well as discussing some of the other leading back office issues du jour.
Tide to the private side 2006-10-01 Staff Writer <b>TOP 10 PUBLIC TO PRIVATE US DEALS (by value)</b><br /><table><tr><td><b>Announced</b></td><td><b>Target</b></td><td><b>Acquiror</b></td><td><b>
Private equity and hedge funds are using a new type of vehicle to tap into the reinsurance market. By Andrew Sommer, Stephen Hertz and Michael Devins
As hedge funds engage in private equity-style' investing, the side pocket has come under greater application and security . By Judy Kuan

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