PODCAST: Private funds’ year of living dangerously

The industry is staring down a portentous, menacing road of new regulations.

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For all the growth, regulatory changes and challenges the private markets have met since the global financial crisis, 2022 could be the most eventful year of them all. Even as fundraising levels skyrocket, major regulators have been eyeing epochal changes to regulation of the industry – and that was before the Russian invasion of Ukraine heralded even more profound and vast changes the world over.

In this podcast, recorded on the eve of that invasion, Bill Myers, editor at Regulatory Compliance Watch, Snehal Shah, reporter at New Private Markets, and Graham Bippart, editor of Private Funds CFO, discuss the host of regulatory changes aimed at private funds in the US, UK and Europe, as well as their implications for the future of the industry.

Update: Credit Suisse has strongly denied allegations and inferences “about the bank’s reported business practices”, according to various reports. “Of the remaining active accounts, we are comfortable that appropriate due diligence, reviews and other control related steps were taken, including pending account closures,” a spokeswoman for the bank told multiple outlets.