May 2014 Issue

    Month: May
    Year: 2014

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    Backing into marks

    Some valuation strategies are better left unsaid when speaking to auditors.

    The unusual suspects

    The SEC is asking CCOs to be suspicious of their CFO pals.

    Reading the LP commitment roadmap

    A better understanding of the LP commitment process is helping some GPs on the fundraising trail.

    Year-round reviews

    How can SEC-registered firms efficiently – and maybe more importantly painlessly – complete the annual compliance review?

    Pain in the Annex

    The AIFMD is riddled with complexity and challenge, but reporting is one area proving to be especially concerning to private fund managers.

    Country fact sheet

    The latest AIFMD news from six of Europe’s top fund domiciles.

    Chief Fundraising Officer

    We challenge Newbury Partners CFO Gerry Esposito to describe what his role is during the fundraising process. 

    An exception to every Rule

    The finalization of the Volcker Rule has some bank-affiliated fund sponsors rethinking real estate investment strategies in order to comply, while others are continuing business as usual thanks to ambiguous exemptions.

    Hidden between the cracks

    Even private fund managers with the most robust compliance programs in place are trying to detect areas of weakness.

    ESG and the thorny issue of pay

    Rupert Coull, a former LP, argues that for a true alignment of interests to exist between investors and fund advisors, the latter should rely more on carry. 

    Q&A: Putin’s effect on compliance

    PFM talks with King & Wood Mallesons SJ Berwin lawyer Shaistah Akhtar about what private fund advisors need to consider in light of growing geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe.

    Fund admin roundtable: Reducing redundancies

    Our panel of industry experts discusses how GPs can better utilize the firm’s digital toolbox and the challenges around system integration.