May 2015 Issue

    Month: May
    Year: 2015

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    Tweety Tilton

    News and views too good not to share...

    A manager’s dream

    Blackstone’s staggering success with its latest global real estate fundraise was helped by the use of a somewhat unusual approach

    Passing the baton

    Introducing a new CFO to a firm can be a complicated process, but having both the outgoing exec and time on your side can help to ensure a smooth transition

    TPG and Levine: A tale of two lawsuits

    The TPG vs. Adam Levine lawsuit scandal, told from both perspectives.

    Who pays the piper?

    As AIFMD brings a slew of new fees and expenses, GPs are finding that they can pass along some, but not all, of those additional costs to investors

    Putting bite behind the bark

    Over the last year, the UK government has been making more serious noises about holding companies responsible for failing to prevent bribery. GPs are being advised to take a closer look at their portfolio companies to ensure they’re above reproach.

    Dusting off the compliance manual

    We ask EisnerAmper partner Gary Swiman to bust some common myths about what an effective compliance manual should look like.

    FATCA: taking a spot check

    Five years out from the signing of FATCA, we challenge EisnerAmper tax expert Jay Bakst to explain where firms should be in their FATCA compliance planning.

    Service under fire

    Auditors, lawyers and other service providers are experiencing their own regulatory pressure, which is having a trickle-down effect on private fund managers.

    Your UK tax nightmare is finally over (maybe)

    The UK budget erased fears of carry taxes suddenly going up, but lingering technical questions still leave managers’ wallets exposed

    Fair value reforms: keep the champagne on ice

    Kudos to FASB for trying to eliminate useless fair value disclosures in the financial statement, but celebrations should be deferred until some hard proposals are advanced.  

    Canada at a crossroads

    Canada’s tinkering of its takeover regime can go either one of two ways, and it will be up to stakeholders to determine which direction is taken.