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Regulatory changes in Europe are accelerating the shift towards sustainable finance in private markets, but may also be exacerbating 'greenwashing,' argues Simon Witney, a senior consultant at law firm Travers Smith.
A guide to getting started on ESG reporting and disclosure, by Victoria Gillespie, who is responsible for fund services firm JTC’s ESG offering.
Many fund managers are wary of ESG because they are unaccustomed to investing based on something other than financial returns. But for those who do it right, could ESG be an alternative data goldmine, writes Apex Group's Jason Meklinsky.
The announcement paired with a study finding widespread acceptance that industry should take more responsibility for its carbon footprint.
Managers in the US have sprung into action as they look to catch up with the ESG efforts of larger firms and their European counterparts.
New template tracks GPs' progress on diversity over time.
We asked 10 private markets managers whether and how they are using various ESG reporting frameworks. The answers? It’s complicated.
Rockefeller, Ford, Omidyar and eight other foundations and family offices recently donated $3.3m to impact data organizations – but they think it’s time for asset managers that benefit from this ‘infrastructure’ to pay for it.
LPs are increasingly asking GPs for ESG information; fund administrators, in the absence of global reporting standards, are positioned as an enabler to help fund managers move the needle on sustainability, Robert Caporale of Gen II Fund Services writes.
Document helps investors gauge ESG maturity across 21 different areas of activity and provides 'a rubric against which they can assess and benchmark a manager.'

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