Nathan Brown
(Managing Director – Wind Point Partners)

Omar Hassan
(Principal and CFO – Cloverlay)

Heramb Ramachandran
(CFO – XPV Water Partners)

Brian Ramsay
(President – Littlejohn & Co)

Alex Slusky
(Founder and CIO – Vector Capital)

Béla Szigethy
(Co-CEO – The Riverside Company)

Ted Virtue
(CEO – MidOcean Partners)

How is artificial intelligence changing things?

Heramb Ramachandran: AI is a potential game-changer in the sourcing of deals. The sweat equity devoted to building up a pipeline that currently might take months and years could potentially be replaced by data-mining bots with real-time analytics.

Omar Hassan: AI’s chief contributions are going to be the back and middle office, where it can address recurring tasks. To me, it’ll be a cost reduction exercise.

Béla Szigethy: Each of our portfolio companies is in some way benefiting from AI. I would love to see our own firm use AI to help make better investment decisions. We have a broad universe of companies and experiences for an AI algorithm to draw upon. Can’t wait!