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Kara Helander and Anna Edwin discuss how they are building diversity, equity and inclusion within their firms, and how the racial justice movement and pandemic have generated momentum for sustained action.
The survey results were discussed onstage at PEI's CFOs & COOs conference in New York on Wednesday.
Poor diversity levels are under scrutiny from LPs.
Panelists at PEI’s Responsible Investment Forum in New York 2019 give advice on how firms can improve their hiring process and internal culture to steer towards greater diversity.
A new report shows the number of women-owned funds raised in 2017 is less than 3 percentage points higher than in 2006, and for minority-owned funds the increase is even narrower.
More than half of GPs are currently making an effort to increase diversity in their teams.
The CFO of Monitor Clipper Partners is doing her bit to redress the industry’s problem with diversity.
The private funds manager hired Kara Helander from BlackRock to lead the effort for a more diverse and inclusionary workplace.
Under-representation of women can have serious consequences in private equity.

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