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How utilizing the standards can help PE sponsors comply with the SEC’s new Marketing Rule and other requirements.
One ‘second IRR’ to rule them all?; The secondaries market is feeling pretty full; important nota bene.
When an IRR has been inflated by subscription lines of credit, does the fund manager need to present a second figure to investors?
Despite complete GIPS 2020 compliance being a goal a year or two down the road, calculating daily IRRs is a first step that will satisfy investors, say panelists.
performance measurement and reporting
How the 2020 GIPS Standards have bent themselves towards the managers of alternative assets.
The CFA Institute’s updated reporting guidelines are due to launch later this month and most firms believe compliance will be a must.
The update to the GIPS performance guidelines should make them more applicable to private equity. What LPs do next will determine its success.

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