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When it comes to the administration of the management company, GPs need to strike a balance between delegating to a service provider and setting up the internal framework to supervise the work.
The fund administration industry has clearly grown radically in size and sophistication. Gen II’s Luis Gutierrez and Dautanya Strachan describe what the era’s been like in the trenches and where it might evolve from here.
For firms outsourcing the administration of both funds and management companies, it’s best to use one provider and build strong internal resources to manage the process, according to Knox Lane CFO Ivor van Esch.
The best fund administrators truly understand their client’s business, but there’s real value in understanding their experiences as well, according to Phil Bruno, Gen II’s head of management company services.
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GPs may appreciate the value of outsourcing, but they want service options that are integrated with their own operations as possible.
It's been a chore to lure accountants in throughout this year of the pandemic.
AlphaCalc can provide ‘what-if’ scenario analyses that may help mid-market firms manage through the covid-19 crisis.
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