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VIDEO: What does the SEC want to see from valuation methodology?

In this two-minute sponsored video, Withum‘s Tom Angell discusses what the regulator keeps an eye on.

VIDEO: Is two-and-20 a thing of the past?

In this two-minute sponsored video, Withum's Tom Angell considers whether the two-and-20 fee model is under pressure from investors.

EisnerAmper on today’s LPAs: more aligned, more transparent

The limited partnership agreement has seen significant changes in recent years, partly due to LPs placing greater emphasis on disclosure and transparency, as Simcha David, a tax partner with EisnerAmper, and Gautham Deshpande, an audit partner at the firm, explain.

VIDEO: Should carry be considered a fee or a profit?

In this two-minute sponsored video, Withum's Tom Angell explains the two different ways of looking at this "big discussion point."

RSM on how data became an ESG issue

Validated data and reporting excellence are the future of corporate responsibility, says Anthony DeCandido, RSM partner and financial services senior analyst

VIDEO: What the SEC wants from your marketing docs

In this two-minute sponsored video, Withum's Tom Angell explains how GPs are presenting track records in order to stay on the right side of the SEC's marketing

Brexit shadow won’t fall on Jersey

The domicile will remain attractive to private equity fund managers looking to market vehicles in all or parts of the European continent, regardless of Brexit’s effect on the national private placement regime, Elliot Refson, business development director for funds at Jersey Finance, explains to pfm
Flags of the United Kingdom and the European Union.Brexit concept.

Fund managers should prepare for a worst-case Brexit scenario

They need to zero in on their specific fund’s focus before contemplating what the outcome of any type of Brexit vote will mean to them, Robert Mirsky, head of EisnerAmper’s asset management group and head of EisnerAmper UK, tells pfm

Fund administration in a post-Abraaj world

GPs and fund administrators are strengthening their long-term relationships to ensure private equity firms’ operations are up to investors’ standards.

Fundraising changes hit CFO responsibilities

In this sponsored roundtable, five private equity experts gather to discuss the private fundraising market, how it has evolved in the past 10 years and the increasing role of the CFO.

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