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Navneet Govil, CFO of SoftBank’s Vision Fund unit, told our online 2021 CFOs & COOs Forum about how a network can facilitate knowledge sharing among portfolio companies.
Delegates at the 2014 forum heard about the challenges around automating the carry waterfalls process – something that’s still true nearly a decade on.
How can technology provide greater clarity around environmental, social and corporate governance matters? Four sustainability bosses share their thoughts
Private equity has been slow to embrace the use of artificial intelligence, but data is dominant and those that fail to leverage its power may be left behind
Until technology can provide the market with sufficiently standardized transaction templates, its progress will be accretive, not revolutionary
Technology continues to improve the speed and accuracy of private market fund administration, but the bespoke nature of alternative assets still requires that ultimate old-school tool: human capital.
A long-standing aversion toward using technology and automated processes to calculate carry and waterfalls is slowly dissipating, but the private funds industry has some way to go before adoption takes hold across the board.
From AI to automated waterfall processes, tech advances are slowly making inroads in the private funds industry.

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