Management Company Report

Private Funds CFO’s 2024 Management Company Report explores administration, human capital, and outsourcing successfully.

Management companies for private funds are like a water heater or furnace – a necessity that requires care and maintenance, but doesn’t command attention until they stop working.  This is why GPs should know how much time, staff and expertise is required to service management companies today.



Most of the talk about outsourcing these days is focused on fund administration. But in this report, we’re examining how GPs think about their management company and why they should consider outsourcing. We spoke with GPs about their experience outsourcing the management company from the very start and what that outsourcing relationship looks like a decade later. And we asked a service provider for their advice in selecting the right vendor, and the value in having a single vendor serve both the funds and the management company.

What we found is that outsourcing is booming for a reason: it works.

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