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'Much of the work in private equity has shifted to portfolio company improvement,' says Michael Choe, CEO of Charlesbank, which invested in Accordion in September.
Relatively strong marks are pushing portfolios out of balance and forcing a discussion about why PE isn’t experiencing the kind of pain seen in the broader economy.
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Some LPs have felt so frustrated at the way continuation fund processes have been run that they have decided not to re-up with their manager, representatives from the investor body told Secondaries Investor.
New technological solutions can help fund manager mitigate the threat of US dollar volatility, writes MillTechFX CEO Eric Huttman.
The fund of funds platform, which includes commitments to venture funds as well as private credit, continues to operate.
Column charts and a line graph show the appreciating value of the US dollar
With a lack of market comps used to value portfolio companies, PE firms are looking at more qualitative factors in determining valuations.
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A few factors are at play that may help explain why PE's fourth-quarter marks remain (relatively) strong.
Column charts and a line graph show the appreciating value of the US dollar
It is clear that 2023 is going to be a challenging year for private fund professionals. Vendigital’s Tom Acfield and Julie Neal take a look at what private fund managers can do to improve valuations outcomes.
IPEV expands roadmap for valuations during market dislocations
IPEV’s expanded guidelines aim to help sponsors with dislocation and distress.
In this second episode of our miniseries Private Markets and the End of Cheap Money, we talk to LPs about allocation shifts, impacts on fundraising and what investors are looking for out of their GPs as rates rise.

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