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Navneet Govil, CFO of SoftBank’s Vision Fund unit, told our online 2021 CFOs & COOs Forum about how a network can facilitate knowledge sharing among portfolio companies.
The 40-year private equity veteran told delegates at the 2020 forum about why he foresees private equity fees taking a hit.
Blackstone CFO Michael Chae told the 2019 forum that private equity’s value creation and performance justified fee levels.
Apollo Global Management’s CFO Martin Kelly took us behind the scenes at the firm that raised the largest-ever private equity fund.
Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan told the 2017 CFOs and COOs Forum that repeal of the Dodd-Frank repeal by the Trump administration would be ‘nearly impossible’.
Private equity ‘can no longer operate as a cottage industry,’ ILPA chief executive Peter Freire warned delegates.
Barney Frank, the former chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, took the forum by surprise with his compliance comments.
Delegates at the 2014 forum heard about the challenges around automating the carry waterfalls process – something that’s still true nearly a decade on.
At 2013’s forum, SEC enforcement chief Bruce Karpati predicted an uptick in enforcement cases as the regulator looked to better understand the unfamiliar world of private equity.
ILPA’s standardized reporting guidelines were front of mind for GPs at the 2012 forum.

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