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'Disturbingly' quick SEC rule changes may work against investor interests.
Carried interest, capital gains and SALT all sting but worse may be coming.
A House bill, as currently written, came as a surprise to the market, as other regulatory, inflation and competitive headwinds abound in private equity. But Fall Forum panelists kept their chins up about the future.
Panelists at the CFOs & COOs Forum spoke of how the standard GP structure is straining under the weight of value yet to be realized.
Spurred by the prospect of rising taxes, US dealflow is super-hot, said participants at the CFOs & COOs Forum. But there are caveats.
The pandemic caused a major increase in reporting demands for firms. However, attendees at the CFOs & COOs Forum spoke of how that demand had resulted in greatly improved processes.
Navneet Govil
Navneet Govil, CFO of Softbank’s Vision Fund unit, spoke at the CFOs & COOs Forum about the firm’s network, designed to facilitate knowledge sharing among portfolio company CFOs, and its recent partnership with IonQ.
The move to virtual was in many ways welcomed by finance and accounting professionals. But others at the CFOs & COOs Forum were worried about striking the fine balance between work flexibility and maintaining corporate culture.
Attendees at the CFOs & COOs Forum heard that succumbing to ‘shiny new object syndrome’ could be a costly mistake when purchasing and implementing tech solutions.
Virtual meetings and fundraising events are here to stay, said panelists at the CFOs & COOs Forum last week.

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