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More firms also could use garden leave to try to keep employees from going to competitors.
GPs see a number of benefits to tying their remuneration to impact KPIs, according to a report from The ImPact.
As firms take a more thoughtful approach to their cultures, more general partners are thinking about how to best mentor younger professionals.
two money bags
New firm Henry Capital wants to match PE firm employees' LP commitments.
Compensation for PE talent is rising, but so is the need for a ‘blended’ approach to attracting top-quality recruits.
Matt Breitfelder discusses what works, and what doesn’t, and how hirers can convince often stubborn partners of the concrete benefits of changing their strategies.
Rendering of a chart and programming code against a blue background
Private funds are using technology to battle the talent crunch in the industry, writes Stuart Keeler of PFA Solutions.
Entrepreneurs are receiving money that is a bribe of their partners with both of whom are corrupt in the company room.
Executive search firm Eastward Partners says companies are going to need to get 'very creative' as pay goes up, whether for junior or C-suite talent.
Miami and Dallas-Fort Worth have seen the highest influx of PE talent, an executive search firm report finds.
With fewer people changing roles, compensation surges as firms try to entice finance pros to take new positions.

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