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Looking for a new sub line? Here’s what to expect.
New lending is happening, but it’s a different world out there for some, and you may find yourself looking for a new bank. Experts weigh in with their advice on getting subscription finance in the new environment.
Top tips on staying in front of investors, getting ahead of their expectations on reporting and staying in compliance.
The private funds industry is at a 'crossroads' when it comes to investor transparency, PEF Services' CEO said in a recent webinar. She gave tips on how to get ahead of investors’ expectations on transparency and regain their shaken trust in private markets.
Is $500bn in sub line supply not enough anymore?; PEI podcast and a new survey on managers’ outlooks in light of the pandemic.
GP covid-19 survey
PEI's latest study examines how fund managers' thinking has evolved regarding fundraising, investment activity, state support and more in this downloadable presentation.
Our senior editors discuss the findings of our latest surveys looking at how private equity investors and their managers are doing business during the covid-19 crisis.
Was the supply/demand imbalance some insist exists now a pre-existing condition? And what does the future look like for the sub line market?
It’s gotten harder to find a syndicate for new, large transactions. And some banks are trying to sell down existing pre-covid exposures, in some cases to make room for new loans at new, higher prices.
‘Sub line for sale, L+160! Any takers? Hello?’; new issue: the summer of subscription credit.

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