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Apollo Global Management’s CFO Martin Kelly took us behind the scenes at the firm that raised the largest-ever private equity fund.
Private equity ‘can no longer operate as a cottage industry,’ ILPA chief executive Peter Freire warned delegates.
ILPA’s standardized reporting guidelines were front of mind for GPs at the 2012 forum.
A third of the delegates to the 2010 forum said they were still in the dark about the ILPA principles.
drawing of individuals in a group with dollar signs
NAV and GP funding lines have joined subscription facilities as legitimate liquidity tools across private markets.
Joshua Cherry-Seto, CFO at Blue Wolf Capital, believes subscription lines are a critical part of working capital.
There is now a broad consensus that benefits in terms of treasury management outweigh the disadvantages
Subscription and NAV financing are increasingly accepted by LPs, but transparency is key
Fund finance lawyers are working around some complex clauses in limited partner agreements

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