The technology is out there, but our anonymous CFOs are finding it tough to beat Excel for a complicated set of waterfall calculations.
Our list provides key details on providers of automated waterfall calculation software. Last updated on 08/18/22 with new contact details for EWM Global
It's Thursday, so first up is tech: a case study on bots that process invoices.
Robotic process automation means 85% of the billing work is done before a human has to get involved.
The PEI/RBC Investor & Treasury survey on all aspects of fund administration reveals outsourcing is on the rise in nearly every area.
The PEI/RBC Investor & Treasury survey indicates that managers think big data has the most potential to shake things up.
The firm has used it to find two bolt-on acquisitions and a new deal.
Thursday is tech day and this morning we are talking about the robotic revolution.
Check our list for details of consultants who can provide robotic automation services to your firm. Last updated on 04/06/2021.
The revolution has begun; here’s what the advent of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence means for your job.

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